to the country oven team i highly appreciate ur prompt and correct response to my complaint.many many thanks! i also express happiness on the very cordial and courteous way mr.ravinder has responded to my calls. highly appreciated!

Thank you so much,



Thank you for refunding the amount. However, am glad to inform you that the recepient finally recd the item( although not in time). Hence i would like to pay the reqd amt in whatever way possible. Please let me know if i need to do anything to credit the amt back to Countryoven.

 Although I was a little disturbed over the non-delivery of item, i realize that the delay was because of factors not in your control. Hence i would like to make the payment back to Countryoven.  I would also take this opportunity to let you know that am impressed with the integrity and service of your team.

Dear Country Oven, Thank You

I really want thank all your team on job well done. I just spoke with Srinivasan he was courteous and very helpful.

I would recommend country oven to all my friends.

Thank you

Thank you guys appreciate your timely delivery. I'm very happy with the service. I'll continue to use Country Oven in the future to send gifts to India.

Good Job!!

Hi Viquar,
How u doing? Sounds Good...Appreciate your assistance.
Convey my thanx to Srinivasan too.

Take Care,

Dear Viquaruddin,
Thank you so much.....you guys always do wonderful job!!! We are very pleased with your service and we appreciate it.

Thanks & Regards

The Giftagift.com family comprises a world class e-commerce team, a strong logistics strength and most important, an ever-growing base of satisfied customers. The nature of our business makes us ambassadors of the most special emotions, and we are proud of it. Every time we deliver a smile, we earn another accolade.

Here are some:

Dear Countryoven,

 I would like to thank the Countryoven team from the bottom of my heart for the awesome service this website has provided. Yesterday, I ordered a cake to be delivered in India today and the customer service representative was extremely helpful and attentive. And today, I got a call from my 5 year old niece saying that she received a beautiful cake on her birthday. Her happiness means the world to me and being so far away, Countryoven gave me the opportunity to bring a smile to her face. I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved in bringing smiles to the faces of people all over the world.
God Bless, Anisha

Dear Srinivasan,
Thanks for the e-mail. Let me congratulate the team at Country Oven for delivering my orders promptly and as displayed on your web site. I have tried other companies and have found your company to be much better. I will now continue to use your services and will also recommend it to my friends here in Sydney, Australia. Keep up the good work.

Dr. M. A Khan

Thankyou very much for the digital picture that you have sent me. It is precious. I should say that country oven is bringing a step closer to my family. I can see my brother's happiness in the digital picture you have sent. This whole idea of digital picture with the gift is excellent.
Thankyou very much.

Hi country oven,

Your site is just
This is one of the "best" companies I have ever had dealings with. Being from the USA, and not knowing state names, they are the most helpful people you will ever deal with. Thumbs up to you and your company.. Wish some of our companies here in USA were as efficient..

Thanks for everything....

Hi, country oven team,

thanz a lot ....ur service is appreciated...i dooo whom am writing tooo .,..but still i waana thank n let u guys know ..my parents enjoyed the gift...thanz once again.

Anita tumpuri

Hi Adil/Ramesh/Karthik

soory for bothering you guys again!!i just wanted to let you know guys that this email meant a lot to the customer.This shows how good you guys are doing your job!!you guys may be surprized why this guy is appreciating so much about this site.
"The reason for this is i order something on indiatimes shopping 10 days back, they debited my credit card and took the money too and till today neither they delivered what i ordered nor do they reply to my emails..."
Keep it up guys.I will insure to tell my freinds/family about your service !!

My Best wishes to country oven & its team!!


Country Oven team,

Please accept my appreciation , for your excellent services and Customer support. I have been using Country Oven's services for over 2 years now. I am impressed by your commitment and sense of customer support.
Little things, like updating the order status, receivers message etc are the ones which make a big diffrence to the customers. I have also been using other services like Archies and India times Shopping but your services are, by far the most superior.

Please keep up the good work.
Regards, satish


I am really glad that you people have taken care of the order. I totally understand that the time i have given u people was very less and still the service that u people at 'country oven' provide is really fabulous. Once again, Thanks a bunch.


Thanks Ramesh,

I got to know that my gift was delivered on the promised day and time.
Thanks for an additional bouquet also. It was great on your part.


Dear CountryOven,
thanks so much for your prompt delivery, that too on my last minute order. It was great doing business with you, just as before.

keep up the good work.
Will sure check back at your site on my next purchase.

Gooooooooooood day !!!

Thanx for delivering the cake and the gifts to my 6 yr old daughter in Hyderabad before 8:30 a.m. It meant a world to me. When my mom told me that the gentlemen who delivered the stuff at home that they were so curious to delivery it before Shivani left to school....it touched me immensely. Thanx a million to the entire division of Country Oven.
When I used to live in Hyderabad I liked eating at your place in Begumpet but now I admire u all. Good job.

Sunita Varma

Hi CountryOven Staff,

The Creamy Cake you delivered for the below order is absolutely great. I received pouring thanks from the recipients in Hyd. I appreciate greatly for your Quality Service. Please Keep it up.

With Best Wishes,
Mahesh Macha

Folks at countryoven are very professional.. when i came here first I was impressed with the web-site but was a little skeptical about the service. But countryoven has delivered.. and it is pleasing to know that you can reply on someone to deliver your emotions in-time everytime. Thank you countryoven... I will be your patron for a loooong time


I appreciate ur job ....thank you very much for the cake being delivered on the right time and right place.....probably the place was a wee bit difficult to reach......well u made it and i m glad ..thanx once again.....


Thank you for your excellent work on occasion, Country oven made world very small, You made faraway people nearer to our hearts, Thanks for wonderful kg tasty cake, 12 cups of Ice cream, and a greeting Card. My suggestion for you a small budding red rose. God bless you.

Mahender Kumar Roberts.

Dear Mr..Ramesh

I understand your concern for the person who is paying extra to get his deliver on a specific time or to give priority to them and I totally agree what you say , Hence I am satisfied by your reply.

Let me tell you what make countryoven special from other site is the promptness you guys show in everything you do let it be delivery or a concern or suggestion from client.

This time when I come down to HYD I will make it a point to visit you guys for sure.

Good luck

Dear Adil:
Thanks a bunch for delivering my order on the specified time today. You guys are great. You definitely made my day. Hope to do many more businesses in future with you all.

Adeeb Ahmed, MD

this is ayub thanking u all and ur association for placing my order on time, to the correct address and to the right person.

i am really pleased with ur business and i shall remain as ur regular customer in the future and hope to advice my colleagues and friends to ur address and web site
once again thanx

mohammed ayub

Hi Sir,

  I am from Hyd working in USA and I frequently send cake to my home in Banjara Hills.  Today, Feb 17th was my First Wedding Anniversary and I have ordered cake from your store.  My Parents and family members liked the cake very much and I would like to give some credit to your chief & staff.  Excellent service from your stores. Keep up the good service.

Software Engineer, USA.

I just called my sister and she told me that she received her cake and flowers in the morning on her birthday that's really wonderful, I greatly appreciate it because i had placed the order late and didn't think its would be possible, if not for u'll i don think she would have received it, in spite of the address being in such a remote area, she even told me that my delivery was the first she received compared to the others, so i am very thankful to u'll thank you, looking forward to give all my orders to you'll .


Thanks for the reminder, I was planning to use this this year too. I will book the order with instructions soon. You guys are awesome

Suresh Perugu


I've always used giftagift.com to send gifts to India. The service is good - the product always reaches on time, and is always in good condition. Compared to quite a few sites where what is shown is very different from what is delivered, I feel giftagift.com is really good.

I'm not sure which part of India you need to send the gift to, but if you stay outside Hyderabad, you have an extra of $6 for shipping charges.

You can send jewelry or electrical stuff depending on what your budget is.

You can also send them money and let them decide what to get. I always prefer this option or a gift card, as the couple get so many gifts that they probably regift. If you give them money, you can be sure they'll use it on something that they want. But anyway, the choice is yours.

Source: http://www.ammas.com/showAFullTip.cfm?topic=Consumer&tid=1081

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