Holi is the Indian festival of colours; Holi is one of the most joyous occasions. Like most other Indian festivals, Holi also has its origin in ancient Indian mythology. Holi is one of the most ancient festivals in India and was originally named 'Holika’. Celebrated throughout the country with immense zeal and enthusiasm, Holi is also one of the most popular Indian festivals abroad. The celebrations of Holi differ from region to region, however the zeal and gusto with which the festival is welcomed throughout the country remains the same.

History of Holi

The exact origin of the festival can not be found, though several historians claim that the Holi celebration in the country was brought along with the Aryans. It is also quoted as a reason that Holi is still celebrated with great zeal in the more Aryan dominant Northern and Eastern India. There is also a detailed description of this festival in early religious works such as Jaimini's Purvamimamsa-Sutras and Kathaka-Grhya-Sutras. Several other religious and historical texts also discuss in detail about the festival.

Significance of holi

In spite holi is colorful festival; there are also various aspects of Holi which makes it so significant for our lives. Though they might not be so apparent but a closer look and a little thought will reveal the significance of Holi in more ways than meets the eyes. Ranging from socio-cultural, religious to biological there is reason why we must heartily enjoy the festival and cherish the reasons for its celebrations.

So when, its time for Holi, please don't hold yourself back and enjoy the festival to the hilt by participating with full enthusiasm in every small tradition related to the festival

Most Popular Holi Gifts

Chocolates & Sweets

A box of sweets or mixed sweets is popular gift item in Holi. For every special occasion, there is no better way to show your love and affection with sweets. Chocolates are the most popular and favorite gifts. Gift your near and dear ones a box of their favorite sweets or chocolates


People love to gift clothes on these festivals. On the arrival of Holi, special dresses like cotton sarees and salwar kameez for women and kurtas for men can be gifted. White color is a favorite color in holi. So a white dress for Holi, like a cotton white saree or a cotton 'chikan' salwar-suit for girls and kurta-pajama for boys make wonderful gift items. Other dress items like beautifully designed shirts and skirts also fall in the category of Holi gifts.

Holi Gift Hampers

Gift hampers consisting of beautiful flowers, cakes, sweets, idol of Lord Krishna, diyas, gulal, etc. can be gifted to your loved ones on this occasion

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are always considered to be a great gift on any festive occasion. The best option for holi is the wall hangings with Lord Ganesha or Lord Krishna. These are perfect gift for those who want to adorn their houses on festivals.


Presenting the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha are perfect to impart a devotional feeling.

Holi Home Decoration Items

Holi gifts can also be home decoration items like beautiful flower baskets, bouquets, flower vases, wall hangings etc.

Gifts for Kids

Water gun, colored hats, masks, etc are best to win the heart of a naughty kid. These types of gifts are immensely cherished by children.

Customized gifts

customized gifts like mugs,t-shirts,portraits can be gifted on this occasion.