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1) How to make payment?
Ans: You can make payment through any International or Global Indian credit cards viz Visa, Master cards, American Express and Discover. Your card will be charged in your local currency even though the prices are mentioned in US$ in our site.

2) Can I pay by check/DD/Cash?
Ans: Yes, you can also pay by check, DD or cash. But your order will be executed only after the realization of your instrument. For further information, please contact our Customer Support Desk

3) Can I send gifts to US or any other foreign country?
Ans: YES. You can send gifts to many parts of the US, UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Hongkong and other countries.

4) Can I send perishable items to anywhere in India?
Ans: You can send sweets, cakes and flowers to most parts of India. However, it may not be possible to send them to remote places as they get damaged in transit. You can send non-perishable items to any part of India and to most of the places in the US, UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Canada,Hongkong...

5) How to know whether my order is delivered or not?
Ans: As soon as your order is delivered, you will receive a confirmation through e-mail with the details of delivery, i.e., date, name of the recipient and products delivered. You can also log on to “Order Status” in and check the status of your order by entering Your Order no. [or] by Transaction ID(xid).

6) Can I cancel or modify my order?
Ans: In most cases you can. But it must be done before the shipment takes place. Since shipment of different items is done from different locations, some times it is not possible to cancel/modify the entire order in case the order includes more than one item. However, in case of perishable items like cakes, flowers, sweets etc orders once placed can't be cancelled or modified.

7) Can I ask for a gift that is not shown in the site?
Ans: Yes. We can arrange for your choice of gift if the order is placed in advance. You can ask for any gift item through our Custom gifts section.

8) When do you normally deliver the items?
Ans: Our deliveries take place normally between 9.00am and 7.00pm. On special occasions like New Year, Diwali etc., the deliveries may go beyond the time specified.

9) Can I specify a time for delivery of my gift?
Ans: Yes. accepts specific time deliveries at additional charges. You can specify a time period but you can't pinpoint a specific hour. We try to deliver at the nearest possible time. For more details, please refer our Specific time deliveries section.

10) If I order from places other than US, how will I be charged?
Ans: Though the prices mentioned in our site are in US dollars, you will be charged in your local currency equivalent to the value mentioned in US$. It will be automatically calculated as per the prevailing rates.

11) How many days in advance should I place the order?
Ans: Generally we need 3 working days prior notice to execute your orders to India. ( In case of electronics, home appliances and jewelry items and saris, we need 7 days to execute your order as those items are to be procured only after receiving your order and some times the specific model order may not be available readily in the market ).

Order delivery for USA, UK & other countries, will need a prior notice of 7 working days

12) Can I ask for delivery in a place not mentioned in your site?
Ans: Yes. You can specify the place if you do not find it in our service area list. However, you need to place your order at least 7 working days in advance in such a case. And in case of remote areas, it may not be possible to deliver perishable items like cakes, flowers. Other items can be delivered anywhere in India. You need to contact us in advance by E-mail  We will get back to you with details & help you 'customize' your gift.

13) In case of refund how many days it will take?
Ans: Generally we try our level best to satisfy your needs. In situations where we have to refund, generally it takes two billing cycles to get the refund affected in your credit card statement.

14) How safe is my transaction through your site?
Ans: Transaction at are absolutely safe. Our site uses SSL protocol and your credit card details are processed in encrypted form so that nobody knows the details. You can be assured of safe transaction.

15) Why should I register to place my order?
Ans: Registration is compulsory to place an order. If you are a first time user, kindly register with us. Details given by you will be maintained in your account and you need not fill all your details every time you want to place an order. This will save your time. It will also entitle you to get our newsletter which we send from time to time to keep you informed about new products, services, festivals or special schemes introduced in our site.

16) What do you do with my personal details?
Ans: We do not use your personal details provided during registration for any other commercial purpose. We need your particulars only to contact you in case of any problem in delivery or to reconfirm the orders in case of high value items. This will also help us if any person wrongly uses your credit card without your knowledge.

17) Is there any additional delivery charge?
Ans: Yes. The delivery charges vary depending on the place of delivery and time. If an order is placed 3 or 7 days in advance for destinations like India or other countries respectively, it comes under normal delivery and doesn't attract any additional delivery charges. In case of orders placed with less than 3 or 7 days notice as appropriate, the order automatically attracts additional charges. For further details, please refer our delivery charges section. Please note that, this is in addition to shipping & handling charges which various from city to city.

18) Are the items delivered as per the display on Web Pages?
Ans: Yes in most cases. However there might be slight variation in case of Indian sweets, flower arrangements etc. In case of non-perishable items we deliver the same item as far as possible. If a particular item is not available in the market or a specific model is withdrawn by the manufacturer, an item nearest to the description of the item ordered will be delivered.

19) In case of electronics and home appliances, will the warranties and after sales service be available with you?
Ans: We deliver the warranty card if any, along with the item with the address of an authorized dealer/service point. After the delivery, our responsibility ceases but you can avail the warranty/after sales service offered by the manufacturer of respective products directly from the dealer.

20) Can the recipient send me a return message?
Ans: Yes, the recipient can send a return message to you. We will request all recipients to fill in the return message for you in the delivery confirmation memo and we shall e-mail the same to you.

21) Can I send a card along with the gift?
Ans: All gifts, except cakes (message comes on cake itself ! ) are delivered with a card and it is FREE of cost. Just type in your message while placing your order and we will do the rest !

Terms & Conditions:

1) Copyright - Giftagift:
All content on this website including the logo, graphics, text, design, music is the property of & protected by copyright. No part of the content shall be copied, downloaded, uploaded, published, transmitted without prior, written permission from

2) Authenticity: procures genuine products from authorized dealers/manufacturers only. We take every care towards the accuracy of information provided on the website. It has exercised due diligence in providing the latest products/information. / Its Employees / Its Affiliates are not responsible for loss or damage caused to users due to the information inadvertently provided on the website.

3) Product Unavailability: always tries to deliver the exact product ordered by the customer. If a product is unavailable, a similar product nearest to the description of that ordered, will be delivered. If a product is unavailable readily, the customer will be informed about this through e-mail. If there is no response from the customer (query designer: within a few hours), we go ahead and deliver a product that comes closest to that ordered.

4) Customer's Choice - The Final Decision: Please note that all orders will be processed in a good condition as per the customer's choice only & recipient choice in no way will be entertained for exchanging the product/s under any circumstance. All orders will be executed only after the customer confirms it & will be treated as final.

5) Non-Refund for Order Executed Perishable Items: Perishable items viz. Cakes, Flowers, Sweets & all other perishable items, once attempted for delivery is treated as order executed and will not be eligible for refund. These items are made/procured on the order of the customer. Being perishable in nature they can’t be refunded.

6) Returnable Products: Products once delivered may sometimes be returned - for instance when the product is damaged in transit or wrongly delivered - subject to the terms & conditions laid down in the Return Policy Statement.

7) Product Guarantee & Warranty: All warranties, after sales services, maintenance of items will be subject to the conditions of the original manufacturers of products sold here. The responsibility of ceases once the product is delivered at the recipient's address.

8) Order Cancellation: In every case that a customer wants to cancel an order, 10% of the order amount will be charged towards Processing & other expenses. Customers must contact the Customer Service Cell at to cancel an order. If the product has not yet been dispatched,, at its sole discretion, may cancel the order subject to its return policy.

9) Gift Delivery to Various Destinations

(i)  Gifts Delivery to India : All orders need to be placed with a prior notice of 3 clear working days.
(ii) Gifts for USA, UK & Other Countries : All orders need to be placed with a prior notice of 7 clear working days. Additional delivery charges are automatically added to normal delivery charges if you wish to send gifts through Express or Timed delivery.

10)  Order Rejection: may at any point of time reject any order without any reason.

11) Newsletters: may send e-mails to its registered users about New Arrivals /Schemes. Users may opt out of the mailing list and click on 'Unsubscribe' link if they do not want to receive any further mails.

12) Giftagift Contest Rules & Regulations: may, from time to time, run contests on the website. To participate, users may have to fill a form provide personal information. If the contest is being administered / sponsored by a third party, this information will be disclosed to that third party. Every contest is subject to its own specific rules.


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Shipping & Handling:

We, at are firmly committed to customer satisfaction and individual privacy. The following discloses our shipping and delivery policy. In case you have any problem, please Contact Us.

Shipping Information

In case of multiple orders, items may be shipped from different locations depending on the availability and convenience. This is to facilitate quicker and safer shipping of various items. Hence all the items may not reach the recipient at a time


*FREE Shipping & Handling Charges

For Orders Delivery in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam, Thirupathi , Rajahmundry, Kakinda, Warangal, Hanumakonda, Kazipet Shipping & Handling Charges are absolutely FREE. Shipping and handling charges will be automatically calculated at the time of ordering. The charges will be based on the place and mode of delivery.

FREE Digital Photo

1) FREE Digital Photo is applicable for Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Kakinada Delhi for those who choose selected delivery time.
2) We take FREE Digital Photo (one /  two snaps) of the recipient only at the Time of Delivery.
3) Digital Photos will be sent to you within 3 working days after your order is executed.
4) During Festival & Occasions times FREE Digital Photo service is not applicable.

FREE Greeting Card

We Deliver FREE Greeting Card with your personalized message for every Gift except for Cakes where your Message shall be inscribed as, an On Top Cake Message.

Delivery Timings

(i) All orders for delivery in India should be placed 3 clear working days in advance to the date of delivery.
(ii) Gifts for USA, UK &; other countries should be placed 4 working days in advance to the Date of Delivery.
Automatic acceptance of orders is not binding on us if not received in advance as per conditions (i) & (ii) However, in case of orders received later, we do try to deliver at the earliest, as per your requirement but delivery in time cannot be guaranteed. Deliveries will take place between 9.00 am and 7.00 pm, unless otherwise specified.

Order Status

Click here to check your order status. For more information or if you have any problem please contact our customer service team at +1-248-275-5368 or 1-732-790-0578 / 91-40-23411039  or e-mail your queries contact@countryoven.comModifications in orders must be reconfirmed through mail or by phone. Call the appropriate phone number depending on the place of delivery.

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Security has taken all precautionary measures to protect your interest. Our servers are safe and secure and authenticated by VeriSign & Thawte Secure Server. places topmost priority on the information you give us. We pledge for the security of your personal information: as a result, there has never been and will never be a single instance of sale or rent of your personal information to any third party from We value your trust very highly and we do not refer to or use your information except in the delivery of a great shopping experience and in no other way than described in the Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:
Personal Info & Its Use uses your IP address to help diagnose problems, if any, with our server and to administer our web site. Your IP address is used to help identify you and your shopping cart and to gather broad demographic information. We use cookies to keep track of your shopping cart and to deliver content specific to your interests. Our site's registration form requires users to give us contact information (like their e-mail address), unique identifiers (like a password), financial information (like their account or credit card numbers), and demographic information (like their zip code, age, or income level). We do not market this information to any outside companies. The customer's contact information is also used to contact the visitor, when necessary.

Demographic and profile data may be used to tailor the visitors' experience at our site, showing them content that we think they might be interested in and displaying the content according to their preferences. This is designed only to enhance the shopping experience. also allows any customer to create an account with This allows the user to simplify his or her purchase process at our site. All the information that a customer may supply when creating an account will be held in the strictest confidence. It will be used simply to manage the payment of orders and shipping of it. does not share any private financial information about its customers with any outside company or agency unless required by law. 'Link' pages at contains links to other sites. is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites.

Delete/Deactivate: This site gives users the option to remove their information from our database and not to receive future communications. Please e-mail Customer Service by filling out the form in the customer service section for further assistance.

Change/Modify: This site gives users the option for changing and modifying information previously provided. Please inform the customer service section. Be sure to indicate the exact nature of modification you require. Our Customer Service Executive will contact you in order to expedite your request with all deliberate speed.

Security: The security of your data is of utmost importance to


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Return Policy

At Country Oven's, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and enjoy your shopping spree. We have framed our Return Policy to meet your various complaints. When you need to return an item, please review the complete details of our return policy below to determine if any special return conditions apply.

Non-perishable items should be returned within 3 days of the delivery date. While most of the non-perishable items are returnable, they are subject to the following guidelines as per "Conditions for Return":

a) Damaged or Wrongly Shipped Items

Non-Perishable: In case of damaged or wrongly shipped items, the request for exchange should be submitted within 3 days of the delivery date. After return of the item as per "Conditions for Return", replacement for damaged/ wrongly shipped items will be made .

Perishable Items: In case of  perishable items like cakes, flowers and  sweets refund will be entertained only if they are wrongly shipped.

b) Refund for non-delivery of Items

Non-Perishable Items: In case of missed/non-delivery of non-perishable items, while the recipient is away, the order will be repeated once more after the stipulated day. In case of non-delivery of an item altogether, then the refund for the same will be made.

Perishable Items: For delivery of cakes, flowers and sweets the delivery of items will be attempted only once. Being perishable in nature, there will be no refund against such items.

c) Partial-Refunds : Partial Refunds will be made in case of multiple goods being ordered and one/few items amongst that list is/are not delivered. In such cases, customers get refund only against non-executed deliveries.

d) Refund against cancelled orders : Refund will be made only against approved cancelled orders.

Conditions for Return

Merchandise must be in new condition with its original packing and accessories intact or it may be subject to a restocking fee. If you are returning a product listed below, please check to make sure, your return meets the conditions described.
1) Computers, notebook computers, handheld devices, TV’s, digital cameras and camcorders - Must be returned within 3 days of the delivery date.
2) CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, phone cards, computer software and printer cartridges - Must be unopened.
3)  Books - Must be in their original condition.
4) Perishables and personal care items - May not be returned, unless defective or wrongly delivered.

Note: Refund for item(s) or exchange for damaged/ wrongly shipped item(s) will be made/done after deducting the shipping/handling charges.

Duration of Returns:

a) Returns on Credit Card : Please allow up to two billing cycles for the return credit to appear on your credit card statement.

b) Alternative Method – Store Credit : If credit cannot be issued to your credit card, then on mutual acceptance a store credit will be issued i.e. order worth the refund amount can be used in future from your store credit for other purchase.

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Pricing and Availability Policy:

Pricing Policy: Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. reserves the right to accept or decline your order for any reason at any time. In case of non-availability of the ordered item, may deliver any other product nearest to the description of your original item ordered.
All orders placed (in U.S. denomination) must obtain verification pre-approval with an acceptable method of payment. We may require additional verification or information before accepting any order. If additional information is necessary, we will contact you via email or Telephone number at the email address/telephone number provided on your order. Shipping and delivery timeframes quoted on the site will not begin until appropriate approval and verification of your order has been obtained.

Availability Policy: At times, your order may be out of stock. In this event, will notify you via email with the status of your order. If the expected delivery date of the item is within 30 days, will place your order on backorder and notify you when it ships. If you wish to cancel your order while on backorder status, please see our Cancellation Policy. If the expected delivery date of the item is greater than 30 days, will notify you that the order has been cancelled due to an out of stock status. All notifications will take place via email.

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Errors and Omissions Policy:

In the event if a product is listed at an incorrect price due to a display or typographical error, or an error in pricing information received from our suppliers, or store partners, shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product listed at the incorrect price. shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled, shall immediately issue a credit to your credit card account to the amount of your original charge.

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Placing an Order:

1) Shop first, register later An existing account with is not necessary to browse and choose gifts. Simply browse gifts by categories listed on the top panel - By Occasion, Recipient, Price Range and Browse All.

2) Click on image for a Close-up Once you see something you like click on the image to see the item on a separate page with a detailed description. On this page, you can also see where this item can be sent, under Delivery Information.
3) Stock your choices on cart or list You have an option of either adding the item to a cart or simply to a list that gets compiled for your present online session.

4) Finalizing your choices From the List page, you can move your items to the Shopping Cart page. Choosing Checkout will take you to page where you need to confirm your account name and password, or you are not a member, become one by filling in the required fields in the attached form.

5) Edit recipient profile You can have your own list of regular recipient, whose profile can be changed/edited as and when required, via the Update button. If its a recipient unknown to us, just feed the required information into the form on the right.

6) City Blocking Here, confirms if the gifts you have chosen can be delivered to the cites you have chosen. Our extensive dealer network is expanding rapidly, but we are not yet everywhere.

7) Choose date and time of delivery Specify date and time of delivery in the relevant form.

8) Check out and Continue to billing A quick check of the items is followed by the billing page where you enter your credit card information. Then, leave the rest to us. Don't forget to read our security transaction information to take a look at the measures we take to safeguard confidential information.

9) Relax while your gift gets home We'll confirm at both your end, and at the recipient's, as soon as your gift is delivered. Rest assured with

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